Stephen Pashley

LongtailPro Review 2022

What is longtailpro?If you create niche sites, do video marketing, or run paid ads, you absolutely MUST do keyword research. If you don’t do research, you are going in without a clue of what to target.You can do keyword research in 2 ways.ManuallyUse a reliable keyword research tool.The only advantage of doing research manually is …

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Elegant Themes Review 2021 2

Elegant Themes Review 2021

The first thing someone notices when they land on your blog/site is your WordPress theme. Even if people don’t realize it’s a theme after the fact, they subconsciously judge the look of your website in seconds – and what they’re judging is the theme you’re using.People always judge a book by its cover. You can …

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A Beginners Guide to WordPress 4

A Beginners Guide to WordPress

WordPress is the most popular open-source content management system in the world. It allows you to create cool websites.Many already appreciate this system. Suffice it to say that about 22% of all web sites in the world work on WordPress. It creates thousands of jobs around the world, and millions of website owners earn money …

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